While you spend time building your business, Bill can help you invest in your family's financial future. 

He will first focus on creating strategies to help protect your family's long-term security, while also working toward steadily increasing your nest egg. He can show you imaginative new ways that are designed to help you increase your business success into potential lifetime prosperity for you and your family.

Planning to ease transitions

You probably derive the great bulk of your income from your business, and you have likely built your life around it. Whether you sell it, close it, or simply transfer your ownership interest, you shouldn't have to retire or move on to the next phase of your life with a collection of financial ambiguities. You should be confident in your financial direction.

Here is where Bill can potentially really help. He can show you imaginative new ways to increase your personal retirement savings and portfolio adjustments you can make to help encourage new income streams and potentially reduce your exposure to taxes and market volatility.




If you are trying to identify your ideal buyer, Bill will let you know how to position your business so you may plan to increase its value and attractiveness. He can also help you invest and manage the proceeds of the sale.

As Bill grew up in a family business, he also knows firsthand about the interrelation of business and family financial issues—while some financial advisors tend to look at the two separately, he knows that the health of a family business affects myriad aspects of family finances and financial and lifestyle goals. He has truly been on your side of the fence.

If you're thinking about the moves you might make in the next few years, why not make them with the guidance of an advisor who has helped other business owners—one in business for himself, one who grew up in a family-owned business? Make a wise move and contact Bill Stanage today.